Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yep...it's a come'n...!!
The local weather gurus are predicting snow flurries, starting Thursday night and lasting thru Saturday.....
Of course they're saying it will be at the higher elevations and mostly on the west side of the Blue Ridge....
But...what if you live sort'a on the East side and are at a mid-elevation.....like us...??!!
The Florida weather gurus would call us in the "Cone of Probability.."
Should we run out ...shop.....and prepare for a major "snow-in"....?
Nawwwww......i'm counting on it melting before it hits the ground.....
One of my many dreams in life....


  1. 'The Cone Of Probability' ?? Wonder how long it took them to come up with that description... LOL

    Time to get out my pretty pink thermal long johns I guess.


  2. Beautiful photo!
    ....and to think that it was 91 degrees here in West Texas two days ago!

  3. Snow already! I flew into Colorado on Halloween on my broomstick, LOL! into a snowstorm there a few years ago. I was flabbergasted at snow in October. It was pretty though.

  4. We have the same sort of forecast. Only they say the snow may be east of here in what they call snowbelt country. I'm suppose to go to DS#1's on Friday to babysit for them Saturday so I'm hoping for no snow for sure. It was only 37 here this morning so it is getting cold enough for that white stuff. Hope it all melts before we see it! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  5. Good morning, Your photo made me say, not yet and then I laughed when I read your post today. You see I'm here in Colorado, on the plains, praying for a very dry winter so my hubby doesn't get the winter blues and can keep golfing. I know, only in my dreams; but a girl can dream can't she.
    Stay warm.

  6. If it snow's, I am coming! I really hope i get to see snow again this year.

  7. You're waiting for snow and we are in the 80's here in SoCal. Crazy huh?

  8. As long as you have the Internet, what more do you need? :)

  9. Yes the internet and lots of snacks and maybe some warm jammies.

  10. I know you are enjoying the different seasons up there in the Blue Ridge. But for us it is a little warm shower here near Opp, Alabama.

  11. I'm just sitting here in northern Wisconsin ... knowing any day now ~ it's going to be a white out until May. Enjoy the nicer weather while we can!

  12. The photo is very postcard beautiful but girl, ya can keep it there...

    God bless ya and have a fantastic day!!!

  13. Our weather guys get hyperventilated talking about 1 inch of snow. Or they overpredict, sending scores of shoppers out snatching every bag of kitty litter, salt, and shovel on the shelf, not to mention food staples for a big snow-in. It's usually a "no-show snow".


  14. I heard snow flurries possible for us on Thurday too. It makes me sick!

    Last week we had warm temps and now snow flurries?

    Happy Hump Day