Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's Here......

It came in the mail yesterday....!!

Several weeks ago i was ranting about the cost of prescription drugs and raving about a company i'd found in Canada where i could get the same drug in generic form....
A three month supply would cost me less than half of what i was paying for a month supply in the US....'s here and first let me say......"I'm pleased..!!"

When i opened the box.....i was a little unsure....
The method of dispensing the meds is different and i'm not real good with a change of my routine....
Then i read all the literature's got the same mix of asthma drugs and after a little thought...i realized this method of dispensing is a much more efficient.... was my biggest mind boggle......

I ordered it from Canada...
It was made in India....
It was shipped from Barbados...
And if i return goes to the United Kingdom....

What happen to ...."Buy American?"

While i was mumbling about this last night.....Cityboy said...."Where did the expensive stuff come from?"

Hummmmm.....i don't know.....
So i got the box of the expensive stuff and this is what was written on the label....

"Made in Singapore"

and there's no return policy....!!

Thank you, Canada, India, Barbados and saved me a bunch of $$$$



  1. Greetings, So thankful that you were able to get your med's so much cheaper. I've heard many are having to do this. With the high cost of medical care I also have heard that many are going south to get care because how affordable it is. What is our country coming to when the normal person can't even afford dr. visits and med's. So sad.
    Sorry for venting.
    Have a delightful weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. How good that you got your meds at a good discount ~ but what a palaver of countries you had to go through ~
    Hope you are having a good weekend ~ Ally x

  3. I'm glad you found a reliable source for your meds as well!!!

  4. what kind of asthma meds and how can i purchase from canada?

  5. That's certainly something to think about.

  6. Simply amazing. I am ceertainly glad you got it. But the round the elbow process boggles the mind. But with the advent of cheaper shipping and the internet, ther eis no telling where things come from.
    When we were on the TexMex border I saw a guy who got his meds South, they were half priced and packaged in the US, go figure!!!

  7. Go figure....has anyone watched House lately and then thought..HMM, they are all practicing medicine? Maybe they are all about the MONEY, instead of the PATIENT.....
    So glad to hear about cheaper meds in record time and a refund if needed...
    Thanks for letting me vent...
    Medicine is a multi billion dollar business with results that aren't always good ones.

  8. flavor, indeed! Glad you got a good discount on your meds but I'm amazed at the journey they made all the way to your house, LOL.

    When we got our new kitchen table out of the box, it read: Made in China. Assembled in Mexico. Since my husband is Native American, we added "screwed together by Indians."