Thursday, January 24, 2013

And They Call the Wind...

all night....sounded like one freight train after another was rushing thru the house...

The gurus are saying the gusts are up to "only" 45 mph...
Come spend the night at my house...
Up here on the mountain we're in the pit crew of a NASCAR wind race..
The gurus are also saying the winds should calm down by mid-morning..
Hope they get that one right...
Everyday is a Gift..


  1. Goodness, you all have really been taking a pounding. Hope you get advertised relief today.
    Stay warm.

  2. Well your gift was a fast and furious one. Hope today is calmer.

  3. Don't be crazy about cold windy weather my own self. LOL Glad you have a tight house, other wise it would be 'not fun' in the NC hills.
    Stay warm...

  4. Oh my, we stayed at a log house above a tree farm outside W. Jefferson a few years ago and the wind on the first night was blowing around 60 mph...It was awful...Now, we had lived in Pensacola on the Gulf Coast and the wind didn't sound as bad as it did on the mountain....
    Stay warm and don't drive if it snows tomorrow....could have ice too...BRR!!!!!
    Love from High Point

  5. We had some windy days last week but only about 35 mph not 45. It's amazing how the house creaks and groans. One gust felt like it went right straight through the house so I'm thinking that was higher. Take care and keep warm!

  6. We have had wind today, and it makes it feel colder than cold. An ice storm is predicted for overnight, and local schools have already announced their closures.

  7. I hate the wind here in West Texas, but somehow it sounds wonderfully intriguing on the mountain where you are.