Friday, January 4, 2013

Called it .....Maybe..?

There are lots of sun rises shots in my photo vault... i'm sending you a sunset...

I usually miss sunsets 'cause of kitchen detail..
yesterday i was really quick....didn't have a lot to clean or the days are getting longer..
Don't know....but...there it was...there i was with camera in hand...

Yesterdays bug..
It has a Latin name that's about 24 letters long...
longer than the bug...
it's most commomly known as the Asian Lady Beetle...
They look like Lady Bugs except they are orange with brown spots..they also fly....and eat aphids..
they live in the Christmas tree field around the cabin...invade the cabin in October..
and i've always called them the Christmas tree bugs..
i think
i don't remember
they are annoying...but...cute..

Everyday is a Gift


  1. I really don't get to see sunsets like that anymore. When we camped I had a great view, but here at home living on a city street, the houses mostly block the view. The days are getting longer minute by minute. We have those same bugs around here and they do come in the house when you open a door and I've found them all over, but right now in our frozen state, I haven't seen any. Hope your Friday is a fantastic one.

  2. And, whatever you do, don't squish them, they give off an odor. We call them stink bugs. I never was bitten by one, but others claim they bite. We used to have so many every fall, they'd gather up on the southern windows. As of lately, I haven't seen many, and now I know where they went!!!

  3. Yes, as Elizabeth says, Beautiful sunset. I reckon the little spotted things 'BUG' you. LOL Yeah a weak attempt at humor.
    The best to you from Wauchula...

  4. The sunset is beautiful! We are battling the lady bug look alikes too! Each winter it is stink bugs or lady bug look alikes. I think I prefer the lady bug look alikes.