Monday, January 28, 2013

Sticker Shock.....

Being ice bound for the last few days....
I've done a little Internet surfing and have a question...

"What's happened to the price of jeans..?"

Thinking maybe i'd invest in a color, other than light or dark blue..
to the web i went...
Oh....i had no idea..!

What i found cost anywhere from $39.99 - $130.99..!
and does anyone make a size higher than L..?

And colors.....would you wear fuchsia pink..?
The world doesn't need my rear end coming past them looking like an unripe crab apple...

So it's back to Wally World ...
where i can get good old blue and sometimes black..
 boot legged 20W petite  for $19.97  and no shipped charge.

Plus, i can get milk, bread and pet food before the next storm..
One stop shopping...!

Everyday is a Gift..


  1. Besides, we have to try they on first. I'm with you.

  2. Prices on every thing seems to be escalating to unrealistic heights. I'm thankful that I have no reason to buy anything new right now. The last pair of jeans I bought were brown and they were on sale for 19.99. They weren't from Walmart but if it's not on sale I figure I don't need it. I agree one stop shopping isn't a bad thing at all.

  3. I sometimes find really great jeans at Wally World too. I recently purchased two pair there for $19.99 each, and still own three pair of the E.L.I. brand they used to carry. They have worn VERY well over the past couple of years. Just have to shop around. But, yes... jeans can be vey costly. I've seen some online upwards or near the $200.00 price range... I certainly don't know anyone who wears pants that pricey for heaven sakes. I do love my $39.99 hot pink jeans though. Ya only live once. LOL

  4. 19.99 is all I would pay for jeans. I have 3 pair, regular blue, light blue and tan that I bought at WW several years ago and they are on their last "legs", so gonna have to replace soon. Will go to WW for sure, but going there is dangerous for me, because I spend tooooo much! lol

  5. If Walmart ever goes under where will we shop.
    I saw some Men's yellow and bird egg blue jeans for spring at Target..I wondered aloud who would wear them..the sales gal laughed too:)

  6. YOu are not half as shocked as I when shopping for jeans. I cannot imagine anyone paying 30-150 for a pair of pants of ANYKIND! LOL
    We are forced to shop a Wally's place. Oh, I do actually by my jeans at Roses in Belmont. I am so cheap I always get the IRREG Wranglers for $8. LOL
    (THey fit well cause I am irrugular. haha

    Hope you unfreeze soon, have a good week...

  7. I love a particular brand. I buy mine used on eBay.