Monday, January 7, 2013

Is that sky.....

Carolina Blue or what....??!!

Like alot of you....2013 brought around the ole promise to lose weight this year...

So i got on the computer and found a free weight loss guideline to suggest what to eat and help count all the crazy stuff..calories, sodium, sugar, etc.....that went into my body each day...


After three days of watching everything that goes in my mouth and writing it down in my little food counter....
I've gained a pound and a half...!!
I was doing better on my own food plan..

Today i will venture out to the Curves here in town to check them out...
Curves is an old friend....back in the Florida days, Mom and i went a least 4 days a week ...and we both felt and looked really good...

Of course we didn't have all this good home cooked mountain food temping us on a daily basis..

I guess this is 2013 kicking me in the back side and telling me to get up and move my A....!

Everyday is a Gift..


  1. Tomorrow, my friend and I are attempting water arobics. We are both so out of shape, and thought this would be an easy way to get started. Will keep you posted. Good luck at Curves. I went there when we lived in town, and felt great. Today, my knees wouldn't stand for it!!

  2. I love your blue sky ! Here we have shades of gray. I'm waiting for that sun to come out. Here going up and down the stairs is about any exercise I'll be doing today. Got the laundry done, but it is waiting to come upstairs. Hope your Monday is a great one!

  3. Funny how that diet thing works. To me it is healthy food. By the time I eat all the food that makes me live forever I have gained ten pounds. (OUCH)LOL

    I have friends who love curves and have had so much success. I lvoe curves myself, 'specially Sherry's!!!

    Love from Wauchula and the Peach River...
    sherry & Jack

  4. Oh I have been meaning to say, I saw some Christmas trees for sale in St. Thomas, from the NC mts. I am sure they were your neighbors. LOL the small ones were $50. We didn't take one back to the ship!!!

  5. We're snowbirding this year for the first time in Tucson, where the sky is so blue I'm grateful when I open my eyes each morning.

    I do well when I eat only fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts - regardless of the quantity.

  6. Already been to the Fitness Center today. I'm a Lifetime Weight Watcher who is above goal weight at this point, so count me in on the list of those who are determined to watch what we eat.