Thursday, January 3, 2013

Can you see it...?

The crooked path this beetle bug is taking into the new year...?!

Found three little Christmas tree beetles on my steamy...foggy...bedroom window on New Year's Day..
Hope i can walk a straighter line for this year..
I bit he's having a good time..!

Everyday is a Gift..


  1. whoa......must have been some party!!! I remember those days!!

  2. Love the statement, EVERY DAY IS A GIFT! So very true.

    I hope we all walk straighter this new year. LOL
    ((hugs)) from Wauchula, Florida home of --------? LOL
    I did have a friend from here once.

  3. Every day truly is a gift and I see that's true more and more! THANKS for the reminder!

  4. I have never heard of a Christmas tree beetle... but sometimes the wandering path can be fun!

  5. How cute your beetle bug is. Just a reminder that even though its freezing cold out we still have a life in winter. Sometimes I feel like a hermit spending so much time indoors. Hope you have a great Thursday! Every day is a gift!

  6. Foggy days are wonderful. Especially if you don't have any where to go!

  7. Happy New Year..what did the bug drink anyway:)