Friday, January 11, 2013


Yesterday's sunrise..'s raining

Looks and feels like Mother Nature is at it again..
this weekends temps are predicted to be in the high 60's..
"Hey Sweetheart.....this is the mountains..!!"

"Make up your mind....winter...spring...winter...spring..?"
 "The plants and people are confused..!"

Remind me of this post when i'm snowed in...
Thanks's nice to have friends..

Everyday is a Gift


  1. We are having a January thaw here this week. It is raining here this morning and could be in the 50's here tomorrow. I'm thankful the snow is melting. The piles were getting quite high along the driveway where we shoveled. Now there will be room to shovel more snow when it comes our way again. Life is good. Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. Ahhhh 80's in Florida as it should be, but of course when you all drop, we drop also.
    That weather does confus the plant life though. I remember once camping on the parkway once years ago in July and there were few leaves because of a late freeze, it was strange.
    Beautiful color thought, WOW.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!
    When the weather man said it would be in the 70's this weekend, I thought someone was playing a joke. But, I'm going to enjoy it~ I'm sure we'll pay for it later! *haha*

  4. Unfortunately, winter has decided to stay here in West Texas and I'm desperately trying to get it to leave.....

  5. When we lived in the Chicago area, it was always said about the weather: Wait 5 minutes and it will change. If it was cold in the morning to leave for work, school, or whatever and a jacket was needed, half way into the morning it was way too warm for jackets, etc.
    So, up in the high country, it must be true as well...Enjoy all the changes...Makes life interesting..You get to see more expanse of sky for those beautiful pictures, here you would only get a slice through the trees in our yard...
    Love from High Point