Thursday, January 17, 2013


...watching for..??!

Mia's watching the valley for the first "really" big snow fall of the season...
It's suppose to start by mid-afternoon and end by mid-night and
the weather gurus are predicting 3-6 inches..

That's alot of the white fluffy stuff in a very short time.
Lucky for me....i'm taking a vacation day tomorrow !

I plan to be home by 12:30 this afternoon and "hunker down"
(i soooooo dislike that phrase...!)
until sometime Saturday or Sunday....maybe even Monday since i have that day off also...
(MLK Day)

Thank goodness i have plenty of bread and milk...would not want to be in the stores today..
To many memories of hurricane prep...

Everyday is a Gift


  1. I would be right there with Mia. Good time to have free time.
    Hope you get all the pretty and none of the problems. Enjoy.

  2. Thank goodness you have a vacation day just to stay home. I don't think we are to get much snow here until maybe Sunday, but I did my shopping yesterday and if the weather turns bad, I'm all set to stay in and keep warm. I agree with you that that is the best place to be!

  3. Be sure to take plenty of pictures. Stay safe!

  4. They (weather people) have predicted 1-3 inches of the white stuff for us, but I am "doubting Thomas". It may flurry, but that will be about it. I do love watching it fall tho! Being as high as you are, you should have a ground cover for sure and share with us snow lovers!

  5. Yes I can understand the memories of hurricanes you have. But it is funny to see my family friends and neighbors in NC head for the stores when snow is predicted, it isn't like it is going to last a week, usually two days at most.
    I think it is just the excitement of SNOW!
    Maybe it is paying off for the dancers, Shirl and Sheila. LOL

  6. I made my trip to the grocery store an early one this morning, and I didn't even come back home with any bread or milk!:-) We have only had a few flakes of snow about an hour ago and none at present. Stay safe and warm!

  7. Being home is the best place to enjoy a snow day or two!