Sunday, January 20, 2013


Let me state for the record ..
When we built the house...the outside stairs are not what i wanted..
They're to close to the house and to steep..
And when it snows.....snow builds up at the bottom..the sun never hits them..
So it takes forever for them to become usable...

In 2010...the last heavy snow we had...i spent hours clearing them and creating this...
so my family and guest would be safe from slippage on the ice...

Friday and and on...all day..
i spent hours ... once again creating a safe environment..


Me..!!! **xx!!

Thank goodness i was on the next to last step and have lots of padding on the bottom half of my body..

No damage....just a little sore...
Now if i find the crowbar..
Those steps are history...!!

Everyday is a Gift


  1. Glad you are ok and only sore from your labors. I'm always thankful for the days we have no snow. It does make for a lot of work. Take care and keep warm!

  2. First, I am thankful you are ok...sore is so much better than broken. Second...I am sure I have said this to you before, but I love the area you live in, and am OH, and I love snow too! Crazy old lady here.

  3. Happy wrecking!! Did you know you can get rubber mats that have little nubbies on them that are made just for stairs. We have them at home, because we have 4 steps that get no sun. These mats staple to the steps and really do the trick. They even help on those frosty mornings when the wooden stairs become ice rinks!!

  4. Oh my gosh, be glad you were not hurt seriously!

  5. OUCH! Hope the soreness goes away quick. Amazing a miscalculation on WHERE, to install the steps. Now if you commence to do the wrecking, oh well.........
    your 'City Boy' might OBJECT!

    Take care and heal FAST!!!

  6. Glad you are only sore, could have been so much worse!