Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm Going.... work...
Who knows how long i'll stay...

It's another hunker down weekend..
Snow ...sleet predicted to start around noon today...

I'll keep my eyes on the windows and at the first sign of moisture falling from the sky...

"I'm outta there!"

I'll make up my time next week when the sun is shinning and it's 45* instead of 17*..!

Everyday is a Gift


  1. It's good you have the option to leave if the weather turns bad. I remember having to stay at work no matter what and dreading the drive home some days. Thankfully I no longer have to do that. We have more snow coming our way today and tomorrow and they say by next week we could hit 50 degrees. So unbelievable when it is only 16 degrees here this morning.

  2. I agree, first drop or flake, I would be out of there too. It can come fast and not worth the risk.

  3. SISSY! I cannot believe you give up that easy. I thought you would tie cats tails together and dare them to fight.
    HA! That cold stuff scares me! It is way down to 60 this morning in Wildwood!

    I do hope you have a great day. Love from down here!!!!

  4. Stay warm and safe today! We are icy here this morning!

  5. Another one, just in time for the weekend. What a bummer. Please do get out of there before all the action begins. Stay safe!!