Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday.....

I've got my list....
I've checked it twice....
Now i'm rushing out to Wally World and the food store...
For that last minute shopping
Then it's home and waiting for the snow to begin...!!



  1. Love the picture and the EXCEPT the waiting for the snow. Now for most around here they would love to see the snow, but us? We B heading for Florida just after
    Love y'all up in the high country!

  2. Have a great day! It's almost here! I'm on vacation now too and feeling mighty happy about that.
    Have a merry Christmas!

  3. I love the view of the mountain through the Christmas wreath there. How beautiful. The snow has started here this morning...I don't think we are supposed to get any more than an inch or so. It's nice to see the old snow get a fresh new coating. Enjoy your run to the store and then you can stay in and not worry about the snow. I did that earlier this week and now I'm in till church on Christmas and the day after for our family gathering. It's nice and warm here inside.

  4. We'll get snow for Christmas, too. Just enough to make everything cheerful and bright. Happy last minute shopping

  5. The picture is lovely ~ we have lots of snow here in the UK ~ Which is a great gift at Christmas time ~ have a wonderful time and a happy New Year ~ Ally x

  6. Rain here...all the time it seems...oh well could be worse...hail,sleet,ice storms and the like....DO have a MERRY XMAS everyone!

  7. Linda...the photo is quite unique and makes me think of living life through tunnel vision...interesting~
    I hope you got all of you chores done before the snow came. Many blessings!

  8. Ken I shopped for groceries today. They are saying showers/snow flurries for Christmas day and on Sunday. That was a great idea to take that picture.

  9. Hope you got everything done and you're back safe and warm at home.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  10. sent your gift today- should be there by New Years!