Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm stuck.....

...on top of a mountain......watching snow tornadoes whizz by in the hollow below....!!
What's with this wind..??
The snow i can handle......the wind.....not so much....!!

Of course the workaholic went to work.....
In 16* temps......winds gusting up to 45mph....
making the "real" temp somewhere below -5*..!
He bundled up ..... heavy coat....two shirts....long underwear.....gloves.....yak trax....flashlight.....extra shoes in a bag and coffee cup in hand.....

Down he the SUV he parked at the bottom of the drive yesterday morning....
He's doing a double shift today and loving it.....


Someone needs to tell's a four letter word...
and should be eliminated from the English language...!!

Just my opinion...!



  1. yeah, the snow most definitley is HERE...alive and well in NC this day! but ahhh, the beauty of it is that it will melt today and tomorrow and we are to have 60's by Friday and into the weekend! THIS I can handle...stay in and be warm...and be safe!

  2. I bet that's beautiful to watch from inside your warm home! It was 25* here last night. We got some frost on our cars..that's about it.
    Still praying for some snow!

  3. Men and their work is almost as bad as men and their toys..It's hard to tell them anything. You at least are in where it is warm and cozy. Have a wonderful Monday!

  4. It's even worse if he's one of those who then comes home and complains about how hard he had to work.

    Glad you're smart enough to stay home and enjoy the fact that while the winds are howling, you're safe and warm inside.

  5. I think I'd rather be "stuck" than working. lol We had snow here but it was not too bad on the roads. Some icy spots here and there. Hope you enjoy the indoors and keep warm! Happy New Year to ya if I'm not back on here by then.

  6. We are having a "real" winter in California this year. Houses should be sliding into the ocean any day now. A storm is coming in from Alaska...burrrrrrrr.

    Hope you stay cozy warn!

  7. We even had some flurries yesterday in N. Florida
    Snow for Christmas is wonderful,stay cozy and enjoy!

  8. Your storm sounds like a doozy. I guess the good thing is that since he had to work that he wanted to.
    Stay warm and enjoy the pretty parts.

  9. You are one funny girl.

    I bet you don't call WORK a four letter word when the PAYCHECK comes! ;-)

  10. Man do I love a work a holic. I remember those days, what fun! BUT now, I don't mind piddling I guess I am a piddle a holic.

    The weather doesn't sound like fun, that is for sure. That wind is a killer at those temps.

    Love from the piedmont, which we are leaving in the morning.

  11. Hope you don't have any outages. I sound like a doubting Thomas, don't I?