Wednesday, December 15, 2010


.....One of those crazy "Wintery Mixes" is moving in tonight....!!

What are those.....rain?

What...??!!..... a combo of all the above....??!!

Time to make that emergency run the library and food store....

Move it.....!!....Mom......Move It....!!!



  1. Love the captured look and narrative! You seem to know what they say, I have a problem understanding MJ, except the door scratching, 'I need to go out, yeah out where it is cold!'

    Just go lay down and look out the front door! or back door.

    Love from down here!

  2. Love the picture. It's snowing here too. Could possibly get freezing rain if it warms up more. I love winter...I hate freezing rain. It just makes everything so hazardous. Time to quilt though along with reading a good book later. Hugs and keep safe.

  3. I'm sure that is EXACTLY what he was thinkin'!!!

    You are so clever.

  4. Yes, I'd be stocking up too with another front coming in. We are to be on the calm side til maybe Sunday here. It is still bitterly cold and as I stocked up last weekend, I'm all set to stay in and keep warm.

  5. Our bad weather is winding down. Stay snug and warm during yours.

  6. We Have Sleet/ Rain and snow ~ and it is so cold ~ love the picture the look on his little face is priceless ~ Ally x

  7. Yeah, I'm there with you...wondering if we will have school tomorrow and in the meantime, peeling the children off the ceiling from excitement! (but actually, I can include myself in that as well...)
    It will remaind to be seen :)
    stay safe!

  8. I am cold already and it is heading our eay too. It is going to put me behind in shopping.