Monday, December 13, 2010

These Are a Few......

...of my Favorite Things.....

Yep.....yesterday was such a black & white....snowy....windy....icey....
no sun.....stay in the house......only throw the fur babies out 2 maybe 3 the cat sleep all Cityboy sleep in the chair......not see the MaleChild until dinner time, which he ate and then disappeared back into his abode......sort'a day....

That a small spurt of Christmas Spirit hit me...!!
So i dug around in the freezing basement and found a few of my favorite things.....

Now....if i could get another spurt and do the shopping thing.....
i'd be in great shape for the Holidays....!! driveways gone again...!!



  1. I see you need a heated driveway!!!!!

    Beautiful things you have for favorites. Since there are spurts inside, another will develope before Christmas.

    We got a few snow flurries last night, please keep them up there!
    Love the pictures znd entry.
    From down here where it is coold for me!
    I hope you got the Florida guy back home so things will change!!!

  2. You've been in my thoughts and prayers as you have lost your driveway. It's a good dsy just to say in for sure. I just went out and cleared off my steps and the back patio and it is freezing out there. Take care and sit back and enjoy your favorite things there.

  3. HA! I had a spurt o' Christmas too today and put out a small tree that looks the same size as yours. A manageable size. Little spurt here, little spurt there. Maybe I will have Christmas at our house... or not.


  4. Your pictures always remind me of growing up when it was icy and cold and how wonderful it was to be inside a nice warm place!

  5. I'm so glad you dug out that tree. You have some wonderful decorations. Hugs

  6. I love your favorite things...

  7. Your drive-way has a way of getting misplaced, doesn't it?

  8. Whew, and I thought it was cold here. Love the snowmen, tree is beautiful and adore the knitted hat on chicken in previous post

  9. I love your favorite things! Just beautiful!

  10. I love your favorite things...cute!
    I had that spurt of energy for a moment today, then laid down with my grandson and lost it again. I usually get it first thing in the morning and late at night.
    Stay warm. Stay safe. Send me some snow! We'd love some in south Arkansas!