Saturday, December 4, 2010's snowing.......

...and thanks to CityBoy....who called me this AM at let me know .....
"That it's snowing".....

The dogs and i were all snuggled in for a long winters nap....

Just like last time the little brother came up from Florida for a December visit.....

He brought "snow" with him....!!

Suppose to get 4" before it over....

OK....back to napping....



  1. Our little part of the world is looking white here too. I hope your Saturday is a great one.

  2. Okay Linda, Keep it up on the mountain for the Florida Guy.

    It is beautiful though.

    Love from down in the cool piedmont.

  3. I hope your brother likes snow. It looks pretty. Helen

  4. Hi! I stopped by because I saw the name of your blog on Inger's site (Canyon Girl) and knew you had to be from my neck of the woods; NC...brr, the snow looks cold but lovely! Just keep it up there and not down here in near Raleigh, okay?

  5. Looking forward to more photos. Since I don't get snow where I live, I love seeing it elsewhere.

  6. Beautiful photos! I'd love to have some snow! You can send it my way if you'd like.
    Enjoy your visit with your brother!

  7. That is probably why he comes to visit, to see the snow!

  8. Beautiful sight! They said we might see it too, but all we got was rain. Just above us (near J-ville) got some sleet and flurries, but Raleigh enjoyed a dusting!