Friday, December 3, 2010

We're Off........

....yep!!'s that time of the year again....

Time to travel over the river and thru the trees, to the big 4-lane highway, that will lead us east to the interstate, that will take us south to the "really big" city and the airport.....

yep!!'s time for the "little" brother to visit again....
and just like last year the snow seems to be following him.....!!
Snow is expected alllllll weekend.......!!

But.......riddle me this......he's coming from Florida.....!!!****????



  1. If he is coming and you are going I do hope you meet in the middle somewhere warm. It's snowing here and the long range says we'll have at least a week of it here too. I hope your travels are safe ones and that you have a great time.

  2. I can imagine people from Florida enjoy a change of scenery once in a while too.. maybe you will get snow!

  3. Yeah, they come from Florida, KNOWING that after they eat all the good cooking, and get all the warm hugs, and tell all the good stories, and talk about how much fun you are gonna have inthe winter playing inthe snow,THEN HE WILL RETURN TO FLORIDA!