Sunday, December 12, 2010

Has the Outside......

....lost color and turned into a black & white wonderland.....??!!

Yep....Bloggerville....this is what it looks like from the front porch this AM...
Didn't play with PhotoShop...nothing....nada...this is what you get today....!!

When Cityboy got up at 4:30 with the fur babies.....he said....
" snow so far...!"

Hummmmmm.....four and one-half hours later.....about three inches and the blizzard conditions should begin this afternoon....according to the weather gurus.....But, what do they know....they're in their nice warm studios down in Charlotte....!!
Suck it up guys...!! Put on your Polar Fleece and come up here to the high country and then we'll talk snow, ice, wind and blizzard conditions....

You might be able to find my driveway.....



  1. Beautiful landscape, I love the pictures, however don't send it on down this way for another couple weeks. Then we head to the Florica area where I hope they have had their 'COLD SNAP' for the winter.

    Again great shots. Stay warm.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! It just started snowing here in Tennessee. I hope we get tons!!

  3. No snow here yet either and it does look rather black and white out. We still have snow on the ground but it has been raining for hours here this morning. We have just about the same forecast. Oh dear, I don't like talking about snow at all I'm afraid.
    Take good care and I hope your pantry is stocked. I'm off to the grocery store after church today.

  4. Brrrr, keep it as far from Raleigh as you can please! I love the photos; very calm and quiet...

  5. looks like our mountain, we watch the weather out of winston-salem, much better

  6. We are getting rain right now at 39 degrees but the snow mix and snow and wind are on their way. Just Ohio weather.

  7. That is beautiful. It is snowing some here in AL. The wind is blowing it sideways. I don't think it will stick any. It was 32ยบ a few min. ago but is 33 now. It seems to be fluctuating back and forth. The ground is not frozen or I don't think it is. Helen

  8. Black and white or color, it's still a nice photo! I think I got a frostbite just looking at it!

  9. Beautiful!! We have quite a bit of snow here. We also are having a cold streak...-33C this morning. Hugs

  10. I've heard that the weather in the mid-west is really bad. Would you believe it's 82 deg. here in SoCal right now? It's like summer.


  11. we're a little cool here today but it is nice and sunny. We wouldn't know what to do with that snow. Hope you have plenty of supplies and stay warm.

  12. Oh, it is SO funny that you should say this! I was looking at some of my snow storm pictures today and thought, "they look so black and white"

    Gotta LOVE that snow - - - at least I gotta love it!