Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another One...??

....another "Mug Rug..?"

No something new that TinaG over at http://akagramma.blogspot.com
or was it Tracy @ http://thinkingspot.blogspot.com...?
anyway........gave me the idea for....

Introducing .....(drum roll here, please)...

..The Cat Mat..

They suggested that i use a mug rug for a kitty bowl place mat.....well the 10"x6" rug mug was a little small ....... so i increased the size to 12"x8" ..... and


The Cat Mat..

Feel free to copy our idea, if your cat needs their own personal place mat....!



  1. What a lucky cat you have there at your house. Not every cat has their own special mat. I think it is a terrific idea for sure! I hope your Tuesday is a great one!

  2. That is a great idea...and you could make several so you can change them out....

  3. I love the idea. Maybe a dog mug might work as well especially for our little pom. Hope you have a great day.

  4. Good Morning,
    I love the cat mat idea...Our Amy uses a plastic placemat under her cat bowls. I like your idea of having absorbant and washable.

    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  5. Do you place your kitty bowls up high for a reason? I'm just thinking it's what we may have to do to keep Hurricane from eating Angel-Kitty's food...otherwise he devours it! so when I saw the perfect mat and whre it was placed, I wondered...

  6. I like it! Especially for Gina, who is notoriously messy.

  7. Love the place mats!!! This is my first time visiting and I have decided to follow along with you. It looks like heaven there ... I adore the mountain area. We are actually neighbors ... I live in NC too.

  8. I use a kitty mat for Susie but it is a bought one. Actually a people place mat. I place her food just off the mat so she can stand on the mat to eat so her little tootsies doesn't get so cold. She eats in the garage and the floor is cement cold.

  9. Something I never heard of, didn't realize what you could use them for, that is exactly what Mark's MJ needs, besides a BIG bib! hahaha
    Great stuff, thanks.

    Jack & Sherry sending love from South CArolina

  10. That is a neat idea. Probably would sell.
    Mighty uses the plastic place mat. Yours is much nicer.

  11. We are looking for one for our dog Sophie.....we were just talking about it. Gee, what could we call it? A dog/mutt/pooch something or other.lol

  12. Soooooooooo cute! Great idea! i hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  13. I love this idea. My Cavaliar King Charles,Ellie needs one !

  14. That is cute. Love the colors and it's washable!

  15. Thank you for the idea about the kitty bowls and putting them on the counter. Right now, Angel-Kitty's bowls are in the spare bathroom with a gate and a sneak spot so she can get in and out but the dog can't :) cause quite the ocmmotion at time...