Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh Brother....!!!

....Misskitty here....

It's not even Christmas yet and we've got MORE snow on the way....
By this time tomorrow the rain should start..... followed by the snow.....then comes the wind......which brings the temps down to below zero and to top it all off.....the temp plus the wind will bring us ice.....

The big city weather guru was mumbling something about 8-10 inches on the TV this morning......guess Mom should get her truck out of the garage...... cause.....

If i run out of canned kitty food.....things could get a little hairy around here.....!!



  1. Cats are such fussbudgets. But I can sympathize about the cold. But you should be thankful for your warm house. YOu are much better off than the dogs who have to 'GO OUTSIDE' at least you have inside plumbing!!

    Am I talking to a Cat again??
    Things are toooo cold!!

  2. LOL,you never want to run out of canned food!!! I know things get pretty ugly around here if I do. Good luck with the snowstorm.

  3. Brrrr Miss Kitty; stay curled up under a blanket and you will be just fine! By the way, you look Mah-VE-Lous my dear!

  4. We have the same kind of forecast here. BrrrChill! Take care and stay safe!

  5. You better make sure you have plenty of food for her. Your kitty looks like she'll get you if you run out. Great cat picture -- it made me miss mine and that I don't have any now. I love them so.--Inger

  6. As long as you have water and flour, you can eat for months! :)

  7. Miss Kitty you are one beautiful cat and I think you can get anything you want with those looks.