Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mug Rugs....??

This past March at the Shop-Hop in Atlanta....we heard small bits of gossip about ....
"Mug Rugs"

And in the last few weeks....."Mug Rugs" have been all over Bloggerville...
Seems they are the homemade Christmas gift of the year.....

Not to be out done...!!
Tuesday...during the "blah weather" day...
I whipped up 2 sets.....

Using the left over material from the Female Child's table topper....
I made a Christmas set.....on right
And some "Kitty" fabric...i made an everyday set....


They'll be winging their way up the hill as a gift....



  1. Mug Rugs? I don't guess they have made it south yet. Not to play stupid...but, Are they like coasters? Or do you wrap them around a mug?

  2. I'm like Tina and haven't seen them either. I'll have to go google for them.

  3. They are almost too pretty to use under a mug. I think that is a great way to use your scraps. I've been using my coasters made of clay and they tend not to work so well so your idea may just be my inspiration. I've tons of scraps around my house. Have a wonderful Thursday.

  4. I've never heard of them. But, I like the idea and will be on the lookout for them around here. Of course, we always say that Rochester is two years behind the times, so I'll probably have to wait a while.

  5. I think they are lovely ~ and you are so clever ~ Ally x

  6. You have no idea how I yearn to be that talented and whip out such beautiful, homemade things like that.

  7. Love them. I've been seeing them all over as well. They are delightful and what a wonderful gift. Hugs

  8. That would make a lovely matt for the kitty's food and water dish :) I love them!
    Thanks for sharing your fashion sense with us this lovely day :)

  9. You are one crafty lady. They are nice.
    Give you an idea, and you GO!

    From down the road,
    Sherry & Jack