Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa and Snow....

....He brought toys...!!!

Took us all day...but....they are now de-stuffed and de-squeakered....
They are now the perfect shape for shaking and cuddling during nap time....!!

He brought snow...!!
This was the tree farm at 8:30 AM Christmas morning....

This is the tree farm this AM.....
There's 4-6 inches out there...!!

Looks like another stay-in day..!!


  1. Good Morning, Linda,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family. It looks like Santa was good to your furry friends. Our kittys got toys and treats!

    Yes, we are having a White Christmas here in the Dakotas, too.

    Happy Holidays ~Natalie

  2. Sounds like you pets in the Mountains are no different than ours down here. MJ has her toys de squeakered, and ready to shake in just a little while. She is gonna have fun, hope you little guys to. Enjoy the toys.

    He we got our 2" and it is still snowing down here in the flat lands.

  3. How cute your critters are enjoying their new toys. We got some new snow yesterday and maybe more today. Our old snow has never left so we just keep piling up. Enjoy your day and stay warm!

  4. I completely agree with de-stuffing and de-squeakering the toys! I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that!

    Beautiful snow! Be safe...and stay warm!

  5. I hope that this isn't going to be another Winter where you guys get all of the snow, and we get left out. The big storm moving up the Coast is going to cause some problems, but we aren't going to get a smidgeon of it. Pooh! Part of the fun of being retired is getting to sit tight and know that you aren't going to have to struggle to get out to work.

  6. I had a White Christmas too. Still getting it too.