Monday, September 7, 2009

Did you ever...............

...have one of those days....when you should have gone back to bed and covered your head??!!
If it could go wrong......yesterday it did!!
  • Woke up with the beginnings of a migraine headache....
  • City boy had left a "list" of things we needed from the store....
  • Dealt with the fist two issues...took a pill and decided there was nothing on the list that couldn't wait till today....
  • Put a pot roast in the crock was still frozen in some places and forgot to put in the veggies until almost 6:00PM the potatoes were still not done and i had to nuke them!!
  • Started the laundry....all is well, so i thought....found little "beggar lice or hitch hikers"...those little sticky things you get on your pants legs, when you've been walking around in tall grass....all over City Boys jeans and socks....had to pick them all off before the jeans and socks went in the washer......GRRRR!!
  • Decided to start a new table runner....cutting went well....but...i dislike those little triangle half-squares......this was a star pattern there was 32 of the little suckers!! Sewed them wrong twice!!.....then gave star pattern is now a square-in-a-square-in-a-square.....etc.....etc.....
  • Then i decided to wash my throw rugs....big mistake....i shook them out first....thought i had done a good job.....NOOOOOO!! ....had to clean about a half pound of sand out of the washer! It was late in the i threw them in the dryer....someone should have saved me from myself......another half pound of sand in the dryer......used compressed air and vacuum to clean out the lint trap and the dryer door seals.........ugh!!
  • And the biggie-of-the-day!!!!.....Ta..Da!!.....Dropped a brand new bottle of concentrated laundry soap on the tile floor of the laundry guessed it.....the top broke off and the liquid came pouring out!!!.....After mopping many times with vinegar...we can now walk on the floor without sticking .... thank goodness it missed the litter box....!

And then!!!........Ohhh!....Grrr!.... Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives.....were both reruns!!!! YAHHHHHHH....!!

Should have stayed with my original thought and gone back to bed!!

Enjoy your Labor Day!!


  1. I'm chuckling here because I've had a few days like that. Aren't you glad it's over and it's now Monday. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Wow- you did have a rough day! I'm sorry it worked out that way. I sure hope that today will be much better!

    Gorgeous photo! Have a wonderful Labor Day!

  3. Hope and pray today is better for you. Right now I am wishing I were still in bed but have the beginnings of bronchitis and just cough and cough when I lie down. I am so tired.

  4. I didn't have a day quite like yours yesterday but I did open up a box of cereal, and was struggling opening the plastic bag, then all of a sudden, the contents of the bag went EVERYWHERE.

    Tell CityBoy I'm proud of him for volunteering for the veterans.

  5. Oh my...Oh my...
    Best wishes for some relaxation today. Happy Labor Day ~Natalie

  6. Yet through it all, God is still good. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

  7. At least you were able to see enough humor in the happenings of your day to write a post that makes us all chuckle because we have all had similiar days and it is nice to know we are not alone. I hope that today goes much better for you : )

  8. Yep I've had 'em and it isn't fun especially the sand in the dryer sounds delightful.

  9. It does sound like a day you should have stayed in bed. I hated those sticky spikey things that used to get on our clothes when we had a farm. Hard jokers to get out of clothes. Helen

  10. Hope your day goes better today...

  11. Oh my choked up and tears just reading about all this...and so sorry you had such a one should have days like that altho I have had a few in my lifetime LOLOL...hope today was peaceful and sweet...a big hug from KY...Ora

  12. I've had some days like that but after 2 or 3 failures I usually just stop because like you the whole day would continue in the same way. Sunday morning at the campsite the fog looked just about the same as your picture there. Thick as pea soup. Didn't even venture out to church. No sense looking for trouble I said. The weekend is over for me now. I'm home getting ready for a new work week.

  13. i feel your pain.

    hope today was better


  14. Bout peed my pants reading this...

    at least I'm not the only one with
    these sort of days...
    gotta run to bathroom now...