Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi Ho....Hi Ho.......'s down off the mountain and into this soupy mess we go!!!!

Yep!'s the day!!

Off to Taylorsville for my first lesson on using the long-arm quilting machine!

Today's also my birthday....(is it possible i'm really 59......don't feel 59.....can't be!!....must check with Mother later)......could this be my BD present??!!

Well....i'm not gonna get my hopes up----these machines can be very expen$ive!!

Wonder if we could refinance the cabin.......

Hummmmm......something to ponder on the way down!!



  1. Happy Birthday Linda May! Today is my lifelong friend Pat's B'day too! She's 60 and on a cruise with 3 other women!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you can get that quilting machine. Sure looks foggy on the mountain. Helen

  3. Happy Birthday! I was going to call this morning, but figured you were (hopefully) sleeping in. Now I see that you are headed to class, even better!

  4. Linda May,
    Best wishes for a wonderful birthday. I'm anxious to hear all about your quilting machine when you get home. Have a great weekend! ~Natalie

  5. Happy Birthday my friend. Hope you have a wonderful day. You just a year younger than I am. I too hope you get that quilting machine. Wonder if there is a surprise in the making.

  6. I too wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...and be sure to let us know what ya got eh?

  7. Happy Birthday! I sure hope you get the long arm machine!di

  8. you're NOT 59!!!!!!!!! you're 18 with 41 years experience!!!

    Hope you had a GREAT day!!!