Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nothing Saturday......

Ohhhhh.....Look...there's the county road on the other side of the driveway....amazing what you can see when the tall weeds and small trees are gone....!!

Can you tell...i've got nothing today....

Later...Mom, friend Chris and i are going to the West Jefferson Quilt Show!!!

It's sponsored by the local guild and is small ....but....growing...each year it's a little bigger.....whoo hoo....!! This year the rep for the HandiQuilter long arm machine will be there......another whoo hoo!!.....can't wait to try that little baby....

Hopefully tomorrow i'll have pictures and more to write about......



  1. The thing I find amazing about you is ... even when you don't thinkyou have anything to say volumes...and looks like clearing the land has given you a great view!!! How was the quilt it was awesome!!! hugs to ya from Ora in KY

  2. Your place looks good. I hope you don't get rained out today. Helen

  3. Gorgeous view as always! The quilt show sounds like a blast. I can't wait to hear all about it! Enjoy!

  4. Wonderful view. Have fun at the quilting show. I'm off to one next weekend along with going to a quilting store that has a huge sale. Can't wait to hear all about the show. Hugs..

  5. don't buy anything that I wouldn't buy. BTW the quilt shop now is offering "Bundles of Joy" 5- 1 yard fabrics for $30 with a pattern. Might have to pick one up next week.

  6. I agree that you never know what you may find once the weeds & shrubs are removed.
    Enjoy the quit show.

  7. No place for the deer to hide now lol!

  8. I know you had a good day if you went to a quilt show!!! The clearing up is really making a differene around your place.
    It's Sunday morning and the sun is shinning here...