Monday, September 28, 2009


Another absolutely gorgeous sunrise.....
However....back to the northwest the storm clouds are rolling in...yikes!...
Almost look like....gulp..... SNOW clouds!!
They were ugly....didn't take a picture of them......
Change is in the air....30's and 40's for the next few nights...break out the flannel!
Smile and make it a good week...


  1. YOU were in TAYLORSVILLE? IN GA??? you were in my backyard girl!

  2. Darn, guess I should have read more, you werent in Ga

  3. It won't be long before they are snow clouds!
    Enjoy your week!

  4. Beautiful photo!!! I hope your 7 day weeks aren't too rough on you! Soon you can just sit & quilt & quilt. I can't wait!!!

    man, that is quiet a change in your temps...

  5. We have those threatening looking cloulds here today and high winds. Wow all my cobwebs were blown away when I went out at lunch time...that is the ones in my brain anyway. We do have some lows in the 40's this week but no 30's snow til Christmas please. Then it would be alright if it stopped the 26th too.
    We know that won't happen so for now we'll be counting our blessings.

  6. Ah is getting chilly this evening. Today was gorgeous in high 80's....they say overnight a drop to 49!! You got it..break out the flannel quilts!!!

  7. It's cooled right down here too in the evenings and within a very short time we will have snow clouds too. Hugs..

  8. That is a gorgeous sunrise picture. We've got the heat on now until, I guess, next May. :-(