Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Downer Day.....

....Day number nine of this mess!!!
Talked with the female child outside of Atlanta......flash floods are north-west of them....but....things are pretty soggy down there!!
Who's ready for fall!!??
Me!!....Bring it on!!


  1. Looks like a dreary day. My daughter is out of school on account of the flooding. She lives in West GA. Yesterday the teachers could come on in but today they are staying home. So she is home. Some of the schools are flooded and the water is not safe to drink unless you boil it. Some water mains are broken. I-20 going into Atlanta from AL is flooded in all 4 lanes going over the Chattahoochee river. Helen

  2. I'm glad your daughter is safe. It's been terrible there with the floods. I know you all are tired of rain. We have had a promise of rain today but so far it hasn't happend. Warm and muggy though.
    Take care!

  3. I'll need to blow some sunshine your way....1, 2, 3......


    did it work?????

  4. My cousin lives just out of Atlanta. She was emailing me about the terrible weather. She needs to send some of her rain to SoCal as we are in a draught and we need to send her some of our sunshine.


  5. Always something to look forward to, even if it is the cooler climes of autumn. Each season has it's blessings . . and thank God your daughter is safe!

  6. I do hope your weather clears up soon ~ those floods sound dreadful ~ glad your Daughter is OK ~ Ally x