Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain...Rain and more Rain.....

......we're only on day two of a misty, steady,cold ground soaking rain.....and i'm beginning to feel like this tree fungus.....
Nice to look at.... but.... are you sure you want to touch it??
The new drive-way is a giant slip and slide....cause the rock is covering a layer of that "orange clay-dirt" that is slippery when wet and sticks to everything........
Where would we be without 4-wheel drive? at the bottom of the mountain!!.....however, there is NO standing water on the new's all running off into the ditches and culverts like good little raindrops.....yeah!!!
Took some pictures of the new cleared areas.....but.....due to the weather conditions they look like a dismal soggy blob, instead of the picture perfect field and meadows i see in my mind's eye.....the ones where i envision beds of wild flowers and park benches....where the deer, bunnies, birds and groundhogs live in perfect harmony......
Ohhhh goodness......even the brain is soggy!!


  1. thx for your kind comment on my blog...

    We are still in the 90's waiting for some "fall-like" conditions here in SWFL...sounds as if you could use our sunshine to dry up a bit!

  2. Cute entry and I like the picture but no I don't want to touch that fungi.

  3. We are on the other hand enjoying a week of sunshine here with no rain -- one of the few we've had all summer. I guess it wants to go out in style. Glad you got those ditches in just in time. Be careful on those slippery rocks.
    'On Ya'-ma

  4. I am only 2 hours south of you and we are STILL waiting for some rain. I haven't cut the grass in 3 weeks! Send some our way!

  5. Glad you are getting some the picture.

  6. Rain is good for the soul (just not too much) Love your pic, Hugs, Mary

  7. Shame all that rain had to come as soon as the driveway was finished. Helen

  8. I want some of that crisp, cool fall weather back, not this soggy stuff