Friday, September 25, 2009


Look at that face....!!!! Such a cute baby.....!! Yeah...right!?
Can't say it's been a good week's been an unusual week...
Monday started with a very bad situation on the mountain....followed by several days of depression for all, day after day of rain.....and the virus that ran thru the staff with a vengeance.....
Ugh!.....i'm glad it's over and done!
Next week...."Will" better....starting tomorrow, with my lesson on how to use the HandiQuilter long-arm machine........Can't wait!!


  1. Hey Linda May I feel ya! I feel like I've been run over by a muddy tractor! Have fun with the toy!

  2. We always have the hopes of better days ahead and I guess that is what keeps us going. It is a wonderful Friday here for me as I sit looking at my view down the hill right here from my table outside my camper. The sun is trying to come out and I can see a bright ball in the sky but it's overcast just yet. Your long arm quilter sounds interesting to say the least. You'll have to take a picture so we can see. Have a great Friay!

  3. Sambucol...aren't y'all tired of hearing me say it? -smile-
    It's great for respiratory illnesses - colds, flu and the like - works on the immune system when elderberry juice is drunk but Sambucol when you've actually come down with the epizootics.
    Praying you'll soon be restored to health and things on the mountain regain their calm.

  4. Hope you have a better weekend and coming week. have fun with your new toy.

  5. Sounds somewhat like my week. I've been going up and down emotionally and just don't know why. But like you I look forward to a better week...and have the will to keep keeping on!

  6. Sorry about the week on the mountain! Love the photo!

  7. Oh my god!!!
    You got a long-arm?!?!?!
    Soooooo Jealous!!!