Sunday, November 16, 2008

Change of Plans!

Some time during the night the weather forecast did a change of plans...Hooray!!!

Woke up this morning to the glorious sunrise seen above and just a lite "dusting" of driving worries were over!!!.........No wait!...are those snow clouds hanging over that beautiful sunrise??!!......Nawwwwwww!!....oh yes!!

Snow has just been delayed until late this afternoon and tomorrow...however, just got a radio call from the rangers that there is "black ice on the Mountain" Mother Nature trying to confuse me!!??


  1. Fabulous picture of your sunrise today. Please drive carefully on black ice it is very nasty stuff and I speak from experience wrote may VW Golf off on black ice a few years ago. Love Joan.

  2. Beautiful picture...and you are gutsy to drive the mountain roads during snowy weather...for means I make sure I have lotsa good books to in the pantry and freezer...and I just lay back and enjoy the snow from my living room window...but did enjoy the wintry time in the mountains one November...and it was beautiful...such a nice memory...take care..God Bless...hugs from Ora in KY

  3. What Outstanding Photos! Wow! What a Huge change from Florida. I'm glad that you love it, I think it is beautiful as well as peaceful, charming, Spectacular!! I've never visited NC, but after seeing your Magnificent photographs it's on my list for sure.

  4. glad the snow held until this afternoon/tomorrow as a possibility; you can have black ice (as you probably know) if there is moisture on the road that freezes overnight; be careful because(as you probably know) black ice is very dangerous to drive on

    hope you have a good week ahead


  5. Saw you as a new follower of my blog. So I journeyed on over and was reading your old posts. I loved the pickled egg story. I wish I was on your list for Christmas. Everyone looks at me strange when I eat one.

    Secondly your home in the mountains sounds awesome. Oh that would be so great but I will say I would miss the ocean since I am so close to it here.

    Take care,


  6. Wow! What a spectacular sunrise! I don't mind cold weather. Here in the wilds of West Texas, the snow usually melts before I get a chance to shovel it.

    Thanks for joining the brave "followers" of my blog. Despite what you might have heard, you probably won't need to take Valium before reading my entries.....(smile inserted here) Jon