Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post of few words!!

Finally got my quilt racks hung..........this one is one my fall quilts...
This one is going to the female child and SIL as a Christmas gift for their new house

This one keeps me awake at night!!!!
Started my day with the "City Boy" telling me my post are "TOO Wordy and boring" and i need to get to the point.......followed shortly there after with slicing my finger open chopping up onions for the dressing...good thing he went to work...i had a knife in my hand.....and ......well you know how husbands can be.....grrrrrrrrrr!!
Thought i'd share some of my quilts with my blogging friends.....been quilting since i was a small child....Granny and Aunt Bessie had a quilt rack that suspended from the ceiling and the women folk would quilt in the hours between fixing lunch and supper......thank you Lord for the invention of the long-arm machine.......................
Welllll..........i tried to keep it short..................!! Enjoy your weekend.................!


  1. Your quilts are beautiful what a work has gone into making them sure the recipient will it.I made a patchwork Duvet cover once with a wonky sewing machine never again. Have a lovely weekend. Love Joan

  2. Coming over from Donna's to visit and sure enjoyed my read! I have a s-i-l who's quilted for years. Yours are exquisite! And what wonderful gifts! Anything personal like that is a treasure. I have a dear friend who gave me a gift of my family tree, dating back to the early 1600s, and it's something I'll treasure forever. And to think it started out with just my basic family info one day! She presented it to me in a lovely, organized notebook.

  3. I love your posts just like they are. I also love quilts!!! I remember my mom & grandmother quilting a lot when I was a child. My grandmother had the quilting frame that hung from the ceiling too.

  4. those quilts are beautiful!!! such a talent you have! I don't think your posts are too wordy; I like reading everything you write :)


  5. Beautiful Quilts!
    Get one of those mini-chopper thingamadoodles for the onions - it is easier on your fingers.

  6. Since you were a child...that is really awesome. You have some wonderful work there, so pretty. I love the display on the walls, very nice. :)Some days I feel like talking a lot on my journal, some days I keep it short. I think its all just a matter of your mood that day.