Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winter is creeping in tonight!

Rain! Rain! go away!!
Come again some other day!
Be careful what you wish for!!!

In my little corner of the mountains we have had two days of rain....which is a good thing!! However, starting tonight winter is creeping in......the rain is suppose'ta turn into snow sometime tonight and spill 1-3" by tomorrow afternoon....not bad...really!! and i know that some of you get many more inches than that.....but, here's the problem.....this is my weekend to work at the park's Visitor Center, about a 40 minute (one way) drive for me......i'm a Florida girl!!! We don't have snow south of Jacksonville!!

Even after two winters in the mountains..... driving in the snow makes me a little freaky!.....i tense up..... forget i have 4-wheel drive..... and send continuous prayers about me and every other driver on the road to the Lord....Snow is meant to be played's meant to make you sigh wistfully at it's beauty..... it's meant for animals to burrow under and to decorate all the trees in your's not meant for me to drvie in!!!

Guess you can take the girl out of Florida ....but, you can't take Florida out'a the girl.....

I really do love it here in the Blue Ridge!!! There's no where else i'd rather be.....i really do love the snow......maybe it's my truck that doesn't care for snowy roads!!! Does Dr. Phil do Ford 4 x4's?


  1. I too don't like driving in the snow even though like you I love it. Now we are both retired and don't have to drive in the snow we can sit back and enjoy it and just walk round for the morning paper etc. I know its a bit selfish of us but it is wonderful to be able to enjoy the snow instead of worrying how we were going to get home as both of us had big drives home. Take care. Love Joan.

  2. I've told you more than once - I don't want to be anywhere else in the winter than at home in SE Florida. Love the cold, crisp weather, and a campfire or one in the fireplace are my favorite things. But now I'm older; my balance ain't what it used to be; so I'll be content with your pretty pictures and lovely descriptions.

  3. I used to like winter, til I had to go outside in it! Rain and cold are not my friend, nor the animals friends. Makes us both miserable. Snow is for staying home from school and work. If there is even talk of snow in Georgia there is a mad dash for bread and milk. Even if it does snow, it melts quickly. It just doesnt stay cold enough for it to stick around. You keep the snow though okay? I like to see pictures of it from your window. Be safe if you absolutely have to be out in it. I wish you could stay home too.

  4. You have so much snow but here in our little corner of England it is a rarity, hardly ever seen. Such a shame, the climate has changed so much. I remember so many snowy winters when I was a child and the fun I have. My Grandsons have not seen it or had that enjoyment.

  5. I don't like driving in the snow either ~ as you so rightly say snow is for playing in :o) not for driving in ~ so drive carefully on your way to work ~ and have a good weekend ~ Ally x

  6. I can so relate; I was a So. Calif girl in Montana! the first year I literally drove clutching the steering wheel so tightly for fear of skidding; by the 5th winter I was a "pro" if one can be a pro driving on snow/ice. Stay safe! I always liked the first snow of the season and then the snows in March and April because you knew the season was winding down


  7. lived in snow area most of my life and stillhate driving in it...

  8. I grew up in Ohio. I miss the snow. :( Would take driving in the snow over driving in a downpour anyday. What I don't miss is the COLD. Brrrrrr.
    Have a good weekend.