Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thankful Thursday

In cruising around some blog sites, I have found a delightful thing called "Thankful Thursday" these difficult times it's hard to find time and reflect on all we have to be thankful I'm going to take a moment and "smell the roses!"
I'm thankful for.....the three hairy babies the Lord has sent me. They are all rescues from broken homes and came to us over a period of time when we were moving from Florida and settling into North Carolina....gave us more to love...and helped take away the stress of building another home.
I am thankful we had the foresight to build an apartment in the walk-out basement...we no longer have an empty nest.....last April the son moved from FL and is now staying with us....the idea was...this would give him the freedom to return to school and I am thankful to say he starts this January!!
I am thankful for todays RAIN!!!! After a summer of drought ...we need it so badly...the ground seems to be sucking it up with a straw!!
I am thankful my seasonal job will be ending the end of this's been fun, I've learned so much and made alot of new friends.....I will look forward to starting again in March....but, for now not having to drive in the snow and ice brightens my near future!
I am thankful for my new Blogging's interesting that no matter where we women we seem to be dealing with the same's nice having a world-wide support system...........................................Later, brboomer


  1. I am so glad your son is staying with you and returning to School in January ~ I love your three hairy babies that you rescued ~ I am really pleased you have such a lot to be thankful for Ally x

  2. So enjoyed your list of thankfuls, I love your three hairies. Nice you have your son living with you. Glad also you are enjoying making new friends.

  3. What a great idea! I try to thank God during my quiet time each day for all the blessings. Writing them down and looking them over makes them more special. I just may copy this.

  4. Great post. We're getting some rain here too, so it should no doubt be heading towards you next.
    I have mixed feelings about your last post. (the handwriting) My son who teeters between a 3.97 and 4.0 grade point average has the handwriting of a 4th grader. He struggled in Elem. School when they actually assgined a grade to it. (I don't think they do anymore) We can't be good at everything, right???? :)

  5. Hi..found the link to your blog..and enjoyed reading the must live in a beautiful area from the pictures you showed...hope it is ok to become a follower...LOL..and I will be back from time to time...God Bless...hugs...Ora in Kentucky

  6. Glad you are enjoying being with all the other ladies in b-land it is good to have a chat. Loved your thankful list. Love Joan

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you decided to follow. I've been reading some of your posts and I very much enjoy your blog as well.
    Great thoughts on thankfulness. I really wish people would spend more time focusing on the gifts of today instead of asking for more gifts for tomorrow.

  8. thanks for doing a Thankful Thursday entry! all great things to be thankful for! so glad your son is at home with you for a bit and will be pursuing his education come January! isn't it neat how the Lord gives us pets that love us and bring us such joy?

    enjoy the rest of your day :)