Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Life Long Fascination

One of my deepest secerts ....I've had a fascination with church steeples since a very early age. I think this comes from my earliest memories of going to church with my grandparents. We lived in one of the few places in Florida that had hills (?) and I remember the 25 miles drive and watching for the steeple over the tree tops when we came into town or maybe it was the excitement of knowing I would be able to sit on Grandpas' lap and drive home at the ripe old age of 8!
Steeples always bring me a since of peace....knowing that they are there ...strong, straight, proud and reaching toward the heavens. Knowing that we have the freedom to worship at the church of our choice...knowing that we can gather as one and join our voices in prayer!

Today while I was driving into town, for my weekly visit to the Wal Marts....I started taking pictures of the steeples I pass on a daily basis.....I missed two....the green shingle one at the Greek church and the stone one downtown...sorry! Had a mishap with trees and batteries!
I know that steeples have a reglious history and have played a role in the history of our Country. But, I prefer to hold tight to my childhood believes that steeples shoot my prayers up to God's ears like a laser beam....
Annnnyyywwwaayyy...they make me smile...brboomer


  1. Lovely pictures its an unusual fascination being interested in steeples. We have some lovely very old steeples here. Where I was born in Dundee there is three churches built together as one if you can imaine it and on the end of them is the Old Steeple they were originally built in the eleventh century. Love Joan.

  2. There could be worse things in life than a fascination with steeples...

  3. Surprise! Found out where to leave you a comment! I always look for the steeples when we are flying somewhere and begin our decent. And out west, they signal our arrival in a small town. Nice post.

  4. I love your blog.... the view from your home is lovely... I live near Atlanta, and I laughed when I saw your post with the pickled egg pictures. My hubby loves those stinking things, and at one time, the only place we could find them was at the Piggly Wiggly up in the mountains. (about 45 mins. away) Even though I am in a very congested suburb, just a short 45 minutes (in all directions)away I see many of the things you blog about. :) Very quaint...(mostly) !!!!

  5. When I was a child, we lived right outside of Boston. when we would take vacations, or day trips, we would see the Prudential building peeking in the sky, we would know we were close to home....loved that feeling. Still like it when I go back to visit

  6. Thank you for following my blog. I went to Florida once for 10 days and slept in a church as we was there on mission. There was no steeple as in a former life it had been a gas station.
    Jenny <><

  7. Those are beautiful. I don't see many here in AZ but can remember the ones I saw in Georgia.

    Love the pics.

  8. you have a very cute/nice blog! I enjoyed your pictures and the way you write; very nice entry about church steeples

    hope you have a great Wednesday


  9. Lovely pictures ~ I can understand your facination for steeples ~ Ally x