Tuesday, November 18, 2008

View From the Front Porch - first snow!!

Well....thanks to the many prayers that were sent my way.....the snow held off until Monday night....this was the view from my front porch on Tuesday morning.......it snowed off and on all day...the sun was high and bright , making the flakes look like sequins floating down.....(look at all those little Xmas trees!!!)
Not much by some standards........ but, enough to make me glad I'd done all the errands on Monday....with the help of "the City Boy"...(hubby)....we got everything bought and stored by noon! The temp never made it above 24 and when you figure in the wind chill factor..Burrrrrrr!
Tuesday after breakfast.... I retired to my sewing room and spent the remainder of the day working on one of the two quilts I'm trying to finish before the holidays......almost finished.....just the bindings left!!
Be careful out there!!


  1. Hi glad the snow stayed off to let you get your errands done. I you check out my journal and read an entry called Award there is an award sitting waiting for you. Love Joan

  2. I am a city girl in VA on the coast that rarely gets snow. It did snow for five minutes yesterday afternoon. We all stood at the window at work gawking. It was a rare treat.


  3. loved the pictures; brought back memories!

    sounds like a nice way to spend the day working on Christmas gifts! hope you enjoyed it :)


  4. What a fabulous view !!!! Are you going to decorate all those trees?

  5. Sorry you didn't get to visit the quilt shops, although now you can spend more time and money with me at my quilt shop when you make the trip south. Maybe we'll get crazy and visit Suzanne's.

  6. You are so lucky to have that stunning view, we just look out onto houses.