Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The two pictures above are just an expression of what happen to my day!
I came to work today with joy and excitement , looking forward to my part in judging a children's poetry contest about the mountains we live in. For the most part....the content of the poems were right on target....funny, wordy, lots of beautiful this and beautiful that, silly, short, L-O-N-G and fun to read...if you could read them.
What happened to penmanship!?!
I remember hours of practicing letters each day in grade school.....making sure each one was perfect...a penmanship award was a big deal!! Then you learned cursive...whoa!!...connecting all those squiggly letters together to form a word!!! WOW!!! And writing your name....OH Boy!! wrote it over and over until it was ....YOURS!! Your own style...your mark ...your set you apart from others!!
In this day of computers ,keyboarding and text messages...the art of the written word seems to be lost as early as first grade....(don't even get me started on spellcheck!).....will our future children sign their names as ""##@@* or (%?^^^...?!
Just a thought.................................brboomer
PS....the pictures are Mt. Jefferson before and during an ice storm last winter!!!


  1. First of all I love you pictures. Last night on the news there was an item saying that it is so difficult for children to use apostrophes properly as they are never used nowadays have you ever heard the likes this is because they only text I just can't believe it. I went to school just after WW2 finished and we learned to do ' no bother at all difficult my eye I think it just too much for the teachers. Rant over. Love Joan

  2. I liked the pictures; good points you made! I read awhile back that people are having trouble writing business letters or really any other letters these days since they are so used to writing quick emails with slang in them, etc. I'm sure it will be a lost art in years to come with learning proper grammar, sentence structure, etc.


  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you, I have added myself as a follower. I was said to read about your case of child abuse. I just cannot understand some people and it makes me so angry when the system to protect children breaks down.

  4. I know you are not commenting on kids like my son who has horried handwriting, who is recieivng OT in school, who has such bad penmanship that he cannot read his own point? oh...yeah...I asked the teachers if they teach cursive writing any more and they said that they only teach enough so that the children will be able to sign their names tolegal documents, anything more than that, they can use computers! I think it is dreadful!