Friday, November 28, 2008

Last Day!!!

OK.......OK.......I couldn't do it.......I could not make this my last day!!!

I've had so much fun and learned so much this season ....I just could not leave!!
Agreed to volunteer at the mountain park at least one day a week......I'm such a push-over!!

Today, we are having left-over pot luck.....all the staff, that is working today, is bring in the left overs from yesterday's dinner!!!!.......Whoa......this should be interesting......and what a way to get rid of all that left over green bean casserole.............since i did not cook yesterday, i went home and made potato salad......hey!....i'm a Florida girl......we have potato salad on Turkey Day.....

Talked to the female child last night.......they made it to Ohio just as the snow Wednesday morning there was 6 inches on the ground and all the south GA boys were out playing in the frozen stuff.......snow forts....snowmen.....snow dogs.....snow ball fights...anything to come inside soaking wet....dryer at MIL's house seems to be running 24/7....ahhhhhh....the joy of grandsons!!!.....Today.....she and MIL....with SIL...are hitting alllll the stores for the Black Friday sales.......NOT shopping...that's my style!!!

Annnnyyyywwwaaayyy......gotta go pull up that Goggle homepage and start shopping!!

Enjoy your ...."Black Friday!!!"


  1. We have been hearing on the news programs about Black Friday must be fun if you like crowds. I too like online shopping. Love Joan.

  2. Ihate we are going to the movies

  3. I have done as much shopping as i can on line. I hate the crowds and the snow which i hope stays your side of the pond.
    Jenny <><

  4. Sounds like you enjoy being a volunteer at the mountain park ~ hope you had a good "Thanksgiving Day" The snow we had has now disappeared but expect some more later ~ I have done most of my shopping on line this year ~ Ally x

  5. Good for you....I know they appreciate you volunteering...

  6. potluck sounds good! that is a lot of snow in Ohio!!

    totally agree with you about online shopping versus the stores! thanks for entering my raffle; good luck with it :)


  7. LOL..I think in my "older years" I am finally getting good at making "just enough" not many "leftovers"...but the potato that I like...alot!!! and I went shopping on "Black Friday" and now my body is giving me what for...cause it was fun..nine hours of was beautiful...folks for the most part were very nice...not pushy or over bearing...and the cashiers...made you happy you came...that doesn't happen often even on ordinary days of shopping!! ok...enjoy volunteering your one day...good to stay active!! right??? God Bless...Ora in KY

  8. I read your post this morning and was chuckling about the potato salad. Our family has to have it at every get-together whether we are having a hot or cold meal. I like mashed potatoes with a hot meal which is what we had at my aunt's house.
    I had to chuckle again because out of the blue this afternoon my dad know what was missing yesterday, potato salad. We always have potato salad.
    We are not Floridians either but Virginians.

  9. Black Friday was wonderful. Nothing like standing in line at JoAnn Fabrics waiting for over an hour for the fabric to be cut. Best part is just being with family/friends, laughing and of course getting the deals. This year Mark made the mistake to head to the GameStop for an XBox controller. He'll never to that again!

  10. I guess I'm just weird, but I never have liked green bean casserole.

  11. I dont do Black Friday. There is nothing I need that bad! ;) Snow? Looking at todays forecast the weather guessers are saying we might get a touch here in Georgia on MOnday. hugs :)