Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dawg.....On The Table!!??????

It's tradition.......a dawg on the table~~~~~
I think this started one year when the butter dish met the floor just before Thanksgiving Dinner........My mom had made this little guy for the female child and her hot dogs.......(Mom was part owner of a ceramic shop at the time).....anyway in our haste to get dinner on the table , i grabbed this and put the butter in well!!!
Every year for the holidays ....i drag him out and once again we have a dawg on the table for dinner!!
Female child.....if you are reading this ....NO!!! you can not have him back......keep the fish!!!


  1. OH that is so CUTE! Looks like it was made for the butter! :)

  2. I love it! What a cute tradition!

  3. Love the butter dog !!!!
    Your daughter must have gone to a different part of Ohio than I. We had NO SNOW. :(

  4. It was made for butter, someone just gave it the wrong name, :-)
    Jenny <><

  5. I ran across your journal (sorry for the footprints) and really enjoyed your reads - I have a real hot dog and found your holiday butter dish a hoot. I shall return for more visits if you don't mind? Take care of you and yours,

  6. so cute and what a wonderful tradition to have started :)


  7. I want him BACK. Do not think for one minute that when I'm up there again, I won't steal him. My fish are looking a little lonely.

  8. your "dog on the table" was so very cute...and what a tradition!! your quilts are awesome...I have made one...a king size log cabin..and thought that was amazing...until I saw yours LOL..and you are the amazing one!!God Bless...hugs from Ora in KY

  9. I love the Dawg on the table ~ it looks perfect for the butter ~ Ally x