Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleeping Weather!!

Yesterday the weather..... in a word was........"Nasty!"
The kind of weather suitable for ducks, toads and salamanders....
or those yucky old trolls that live under a bridge!
The kind of weather that you put on flannel PJ's, find your favorite romantic novel and spend the day on the couch in front of a roaring fireplace.....with occasional cups of tea and then occasional potty between naps!
But, being a working household...we had to depend on the hairy babies to fill in ....they had no fire or PJ's and perferred treats instead of tea......but, the sleeping part.......... they've got that down pat!!


  1. We have had a nice sunny day here although it is very cold. Please drop by and sign my guestbook, its new and at top of the journal. Just click on my name to get there.

  2. Very mild here today unusual for November. All you pets looked so so comfy lying there lucky them. I struggled to get up this morning I was cosy and so comfy in bed. Love Joan

  3. makes one want to be an animal; doesn't it? for just a bit, it would be fun to be able to sleep the day away like they do! my little corgi pup loves to sleep on our couch; I hear him jumping up on it while I'm working (I work at home) and I think sometimes "it must be nice"

    cute pictures!

    we're in Southern California; its still summer here; today is supposed to be low 90s


  4. They all look extremely comfortable and content. :) It was yucky yesterday wasnt it. Now its going to get cold! Brrr!