Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Fashion Award......

CityBoy laughed at my outfit and the reason i was out in the cold......

Hey!.....i had on long thermal underwear.....my "Fight Like A Girl" long sleeve t-shirt....heavy overalls......a fleece lined hoodie.......knit hat......mittens......2 pair of socks......and my rubber fleece lined gardening clogs......

Yah.....i was cold!

But.....since CityBoy has jumped the hurdle into the age of above sixty.....
And i will hit that magical number this year.....

I was worried......about the walk over thick ice and snow.....

getting to the cars was sort'a like walking on a slip-n-slide.........up hill!!

Which could result in a broken hip and/or leg for one or both of us.....

Sooooo........out i went........bundled up with shovel in hand.....

He laughed and told me i was crazy!!

Well...!!....yesterday morning he used my pathway to get to his car!!!!

Grrrrrr.......i think i'll charge him a toll....!!



  1. My style of clothing very often resembles yours. I can come to work in jeans so that is not a problem at all. I shovel the path and then leave for work so they get me as I am. It's a very casual work atmosphere here, but the boss says I cannot wear my slippers. One consulation is that I have some very comfy and warm boots.
    Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. I have dressed like that many times. City Boy should be thankful you did that. It may keep him from falling and hurting himself. Helen

  3. Yes,yes definitely a toll! At least there should be something along the lines of...thank you my all knowing and wise spouse !!!

  4. Slips and falls - I worry about those too. What a wonderful wife you are to provide a safe place for both of you to walk. And what a grand ensemble - I do believe you're on to a fashion trend. teeheehee

  5. Hilarious that he ended up using your pathway:)

  6. City Boy owes you a night onthe town... after the big freeze ends.

  7. Very Cute! You look toasty warm! He owes you for sure!

  8. I think you look pretty well dressed out there doing what you had to do. After your hard work, I think a toll is a good idea! LOL

    I sent you an invitation to my private blog!

  9. Yep charge that city boy a toll. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

  10. lol...toll fee should be at least a dinner in town...maybe a movie!!!.stay warm

  11. Hey...ya look good to me LOL..and me thinks City Boy is a bit spoiled!!! he should have been with you in support at least LOLOL...what we do for our fellers!!! you is a good lady!! God Bless....and yes...charge him!!! LOL...hugs...Ora in KY

  12. hi, I came over from Noreen's.
    You deserve an award... that was a lot of work. We have the left over ice everywhere here in Colorado...now we may get more snow.
    I usually like sckecthers, but I know what you mean about shoes causing pain.
    Stay warm and hope your path stays clear (o:

  13. One consulation is that I have some very comfy and warm boots.

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