Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm Sorry Babies........

Yesterday...while doing the "snows coming...stock up" shopping....
I grabbed a bag of...what i thought was....the fur babies favorite treats...

See that blurred small print on the way far side of the bag...."Actual Size"...

I have little dogs...big barkers...but, little mouths.......these are made for Great Danes...!!

The ones i usually get are about 2 1/2" long and 1/2" in width....
These are huge!!.....twice the size!!

I think i heard Max's jaw "pop" when i tried to give him one this AM!!
and Mia gave me the "don't think sooooo" look.....

What's a Mom to do....????!!

Dig out that 30 year old electric knife.....the one that's only used at Thanksgiving....
The one...your now glad you didn't throw out in the big move.....

And you start cutting away.......cause a trip back to WalMart ..... on the morning before a major snow storm out of the question!!

Hey Look!!

With a little "sawing" can make "little" dog treats...!!!

The fur babies are happy.....
And that's the name of the game!!



  1. you may have gotten more for the money this way.

  2. Yummy! They look better as "little" treats than they did when they were big. You done good!

  3. Cool! I need one of those knives.

  4. Happy furr babies is important for sure...You are a good mom!

  5. funny!!! Great way to solve that problem....

  6. I get this! I too have gone out of my way to accommodate our little pups. Stay safe and warm.

  7. I think my mom has that exact knife in her cupboard! "A+" for great problem solving skills.

  8. I love it!!!! I did something similar with Puddin's treats but gave them away. I actually have one of those knives so maybe I will be able to be more frugal next time.

  9. Oh Linda Mae!!!! Did I ever tell you we lived in SC and NC for a total of 12 years? Well, we did and boys howdy do I EVER remember that "snows coming-stock up" shopping that y'all do down there!!! Heaven forbid that one actually NEEDED bread or milk at that moment 'cause it was about to fly RIGHT OFF THE SHELVES!!!!

    Hubby used to say, "Why do they buy bread and milk? I'd rather get snowed in with STEAK!"

    Up here, we do precious little "snow stock-up" shopping. We just crank up our biggest baddest vehicle and keep on truckin'

    So much fun these memories - - - -

  10. Now the treats will last longer than what you originally thought when you bought them!

    lucky furbabies :)

  11. I would never have thought the knife would cut through those treats. Good to know it will just in case that ever happens to us - oh, well I guess I could just give the big ones to our lab, Mikey, though.

  12. Glad you were able to save the day :)

  13. LOL!!! That's creativity at work for sure!! :)