Monday, January 11, 2010

Life goes on....... they come......

.....there they are.....

.....away they go!.....

If the school buses are can be sure.....things are pretty much "right" with the world...

Even on a 2 hour delay!!



  1. I hope there weren't any kids waiting outside for those two hours! We are expecting a warm up this week. Woooohoooo!!!!!

  2. I tell time by or buses! They are like clock work,even if I don't actually see them I hear Hubby's dogs going crazy so I know when they pass by! Never have figured out why those dogs hate school buses!

  3. The kids will be happier come June when they don't have to make up a bunch of snow days!

  4. It's always good news to see that the roads are clear. We are getting a little more snow today but the roads are ok. I love school bus yellow. Sorta reminds me of sunshine.

  5. Yep! You can always tell when things are back to normal when you see the school buses!