Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pamper time......

It was time........time to pamper the Gentle Giant....

After running for 50.5 hours following the Christmas ice storm.....

it was time to give the little guy a check up.. comes electrician Robert and with CityBoy as a helper.....

They changed the oil......the air filter.......checked and cleaned the plugs....and all that other "guy" stuff you can do to a working engine.....

You know.....the stuff that takes several cups of coffee.......several hours of talking and standing around...."listening" to it run....

At one point i almost offered Robert my stethoscope!

Now....the Giant is ready!!......Ready for what...???!!

The next ice storm!!...........Yikes!!!!



  1. Your gentle giant sure was a life saver. I'm hoping for no more of those ice storms. They are saying we could get freezing rain tomorrow...that's ice in my books. Maybe they'll be wrong.

  2. it's getting a little icy and dicy outside now.

  3. I would pamper that thing also if it keep things going for that long. Helen

  4. Thank goodness the little guy will be ready for another one if it comes your way. Do your guys spit on the ground while listening to it run? They do in south Texas. That seems to be a part of their thinking process.

  5. our crazy weather usually comes in the we need to not get use to this thaw (o:
    How long was your power out?

  6. you won something on my blog today, please stop by when you have som time.

  7. Gotta keep everyone happy including the Gentle Giant!

  8. Us too, our heat pumps had a workout for sure! I haven't got the bill yet but it won't be terrible, I hope!

  9. I would love to have a gentle giant live here too. Our generator is not that big and hasn't been run for over a year. We make do with the wood stove and propane. But we will need it if the power stays off for more than 3 days. Glad that you are prepared.