Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Q & A.......

Yep.....there are jalapeno peppers in two of the jars.......they are for a co-worker of CityBoy's that wanted to try something .... "hot and spicy!"

We use a hot water bath canning method for making our pickles....

And we make pickle juice to put in the jars...

3 C water
8 C vinegar
1 C sugar
1 T mustard seeds

Bring this to a boil and then pour into packed jars..

Once the jars are filled ..... we process them for 30 minutes in the water bath....

Bargain Boxes are the boxes that CityBoy brings home from the store...they usually have apples for the deer or damaged veggies or eggs.......he pays for these boxes......he's been in the grocery business all his life and it hard for him to throw "good?" food away...

We then use what can be salvaged ....... freezing for later use or the making of pickles....
Which we give away to

You get the picture......

Hot water bath canning is not hard or expensive......just time consuming...

Could this be a hobby...??!



  1. Thanks for all the answers. I've never heard of Bargain Boxes before.

  2. I don't live on that side of town now, but when I went to Lowes at New Market, the produce staff would let me do through the trash picking out food that was thrown away. Perfectly good stuff, sometimes still wrapped, but the date had expired. I brought home all kinds of food mostly for the critters but someimes Mike and I would eat some of the things still wrpapped.

  3. What a perfect way to use up perfectly good food. I love it!!

  4. It is a little work but worth the benefits I guess. I've never heard of bargain boxes here at our stores. I guess their stuff never gets old or damaged. Strange that.
    I still have my water bath canner sitting in my basement someplace. It hasn't been used in a long long time...but I have it.

  5. I love hot and spicy pickled veggies! I could eat them with every meal! You all are lucky to get all those bargain box goodies!