Friday, January 22, 2010


Another ice storm.....!!

This one quietly snuck in form the Plains and Mid-west...

It started yesterday morning and steadily moved in during the night......

Unlike Christmas.....that roared in with high winds and snow.....
This one used a quiet misty rain....

Not enough ice to down power lines....

But....the schools are closed and the roads are a big mess.........again!!


  1. It does look like you are coated. We have an advisory up til 11 this morning but so far it is light rain and no ice. It's 36 degrees and hopefully that is warm enough that it won't ice up for us. Take good care!

  2. Pretty but deadly. I hope it starts melting during the day. Helen

  3. Linda May, Stopped by to say Hi and catch up on your doings! You and City Boy got things under control it seems. Those canned veggies look devine! Hope the gentle giant gets to stay quiet and keep baking! :)

  4. I have been in a few ice storms,not many being a southern girl,but they are terrible! You all stay warm and safe!

  5. you've been busy! hope you get no more ice storms

  6. Hope you don't have to get out in that weather but guess you are used to it. Everyone goes ape here when we get weather 'cause we are so used to just hot and dry.

  7. As your elected official, I solemnly swear, if I get caught in a scandal, I'll jump in front of a camera in a disaster area so fast, it'll make your head spin!

  8. that's a lot of ice
    we have snow to the south of us...(Southern Co.)not here
    the mountains need snow so the farmers will have water in the spring...
    hope they get more

  9. I'm glad it didn't make the power lines go down. Although I know you guys are prepared:)

  10. Hey, I saw on the news that ya all were to get some ice. At this rate the poor kids will be going to school most of the summer to make up days.

    I had to read through your blog to catch up and those veggies look really good. I just might have to make up a few jars. I love that butterfly fabric and it makes me want spring even more.

    Take Care :)

  11. Beautiful photos!! You ended up getting more actual ice than we did. It is pretty, but I am longing for the warmer days again!!!

  12. I came over from Granny Mountain for a little visit.

    We just had ice here in Indiana too - - - but I believe you have MORE and I KNOW that fence is just exquisite with the ice stockings on it!!!!