Friday, January 15, 2010

Where was my camera....???

Ventured out to the local quilt guild meeting yesterday.....

After the reading of the minutes....treasurer report......old business.....future plans for donation quilts, workshops and fund raising events.....

The fun began....

Show and Tell...!!

Oh My Gosh!!

What a time to be without my camera.......these ladies are remarkable....

From small coasters made from left over scrape to a beyond king size original quilt that's center was a pieced Rebel Flag...!!

Needless to say.....i'm now a member and i'm signed up for the "Pineapple" quilt workshop in February......

I promise to bring my camera to "ALL" the next meetings......



  1. I've always wanted to quilt, however, my fingers will no longer make those tiny stitches. I admire the work of the quilters. And the conversations that abound when they gather.

  2. I absolutely love to quilt! I need to take it up again. Cannot wait to see the creations!

  3. I love those pictures of the mountains! Wish I was there!

  4. I wish I could quilt. I was with a group of ladies where we sewed a block a week. I leaned on them for help way too much as I had no skills. Now I have this quilt top and nothing to do with it!

    Lovely pic!

  5. Looking forward to seeing some of the quilts that you all quilt. Helen

  6. Can't wait to see all the ladies' handiwork.

  7. Oh what fun you had ! How can you go wrong with a group like that one!

    Have a great Friday!

  8. Sounds like great fun (o:
    I never have my camera when I need it
    then when I take it...nothing worth while happens (o:

  9. Girlfriend! A beyond king size original quilt that's center was a pieced Rebel Flag and you didn't have the camera? Oh man, bummer. You always have your camera, too. Serious bummer. Oh I bet that was something to see. My eyes are turning green.