Saturday, January 16, 2010


Yesterday's beautiful sun-shiny warm day ....has turned into a dull.....dreary....gray clouds on the horizon day..........ugh!!

Weather gurus are predicting rain and sleet should be starting to fall in the near future........

Like Now!!

How can they smile when they give us a forecast like that...??

Dinners been in the crockpot since 8am.......CityBoy is at work......Male Child, dogs and cat are still sleeping and i've thrown out cracked corn for the birds to feast on.....

9AM and it's a......hoooo.....hummmmm ........ day already!!

Guess i could read or quilt....



I'm gonna have to flip a coin.....!



  1. We have 5 storms sitting off shore ready to come in and pound us. So It might be a good time for me to start on my daughters quilt. I just finished the book The Shack.

  2. It sounds like a quiet day at your house too. I've made it as far as the kitchen now, but hooked up my laptop. I guess it makes me feel more connected to the world. Lots to do but I've been enjoying taking it easy. Hope your day is a great one!

  3. I would have had to flip a coin too. Which won?

  4. Yup, the snow around here is in that melty, dirty and icky stage. Since it's Saturday, and all of those poor working stiffs will be out and about, frantically trying to get their chores done in a limited amount of time, I think I'll stay nice and cozy at home today, also. I'm right in the middle of a good book, so it looks like a reading day for me.

  5. sounded like a good day to crawl up with a blankie and watch old movies


  6. I know you are sick of the snow, but I still think it is beautiful.

  7. Tough them both! I'm in the middle of an art quilt tho and have put myslef on standby because I have things I need to do and if I quilt all day my back is going to kill me tomorrow. Choices, choices.....