Friday, January 1, 2010

I love my Birkies.....!!

For many....many.....years due to nerve damage in the ball portion of my right foot i have worn Birkenstocks.......
When i went to the doctor to check out this pain radiating from my toes to my knee....he gave me three made insert that i could wear with tennis shoes only(don't think sooo).... or some sort of shoes that would take the pressure off the ball of my foot and support the toes.....


I have clogs.....i have sandals......i have slip-ons.......i have buckles....i have one strap...two strap....three strap......wide straps....narrow straps.....

I have shades of hot pick......

I have flowers....plaids......stripes.....swirls......plain.......patterns.....

I love my Birkies and in the corporate world, they became my trademark......everyone knew the crazy lady that wore those strange shoes....

I was pain was wonderful!!


Birkies are NOT designed for walking on SNOW and ICE....!!

Yesterday......CityBoy bought me my first pair of real shoes....
I can feel the pain already..



  1. oh you poor thing!!! I totally agree! Birkies are the BEST! What about inserts in the ugg knock-off boots? ;-) I feel your pain dear!!

  2. yeah you need some tread on the bottoms of shoes. Happy New Year!

  3. Real shoes are needed here too! Not only shoes but boots as well! Hope they are comfortable for you! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Bless your heart! i love the new shoes though.

  5. Having good feet as we age can sure be a struggle.

  6. I hope you will soon be able wear your new shoes comfortably. Helen

  7. I know what you mean,the only shoes I have worn for 2 years,aside from rubber boots,are ugly crocs!I have a bone spur on my heal. I really miss cute shoes!

    Happy New Year!

  8. I've never had Birkies but I had my fair share of foot problems. I couldn't get shoes on my feet because of the bunions and arthritis! I opted for surgery (joint replacement and bunion removal) 12 years ago and I can wear any and all shoes - and I am pain free! It is the best thing I ever did.

    Tread on the snow is a good thing. Good luck!

  9. I like my Merrell Rain boots. I haven't taken then off since I bought them. My mother always said you need to spend money on 2 things
    1. a good pair of shoes
    2. t.p
    SHe was right. Can you use your birkies in the house? I hope so.