Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here's the reason.........

......the cars look like this.....

This is the back of the cabin.......note the garage doors are under the cabin....
The doors are at the end of a steep incline.....know as our driveway.....and behind a retaining wall...

This area we jokingly call the "Ice Bowl"

Snow and ice just loves to fill this area....

Snow and ice from the December snow storm reached approximately 26-30 inches in the "bowl"....

These are pictures of ... "the Digging Out"

Now .....we're native Floridians...!!

Sand we can deal with.......but.....snow!!

This is our first reallllly bad winter in the high country.....

We have no snow ATC with a snow blade......or tractor...

All things that are now on the "Wish List!"

Thanks to the kindness of a neighbor......and his tractor...

After the third day he came up and dug our cars out of the garage...
So CityBoy could go to work..... preping for yesterdays storm.....

When the white stuff began to fall....out came the cars......

Stay warm and Enjoy


  1. That is very good planning on your part. Still you have to get down that hill. Hopefully your good neighbor helps you out again. Every winter is different and we never know either how much snow will fall. They say we are 9 inches under the average here this year, but we still have February and March to get through. Lots of snow can fall yet. Take care and don't over do trying to clear that snow.
    'On Ya'-ma

  2. So how do you like exchanging sand for snow????? It must be very difficult to adjust to!

  3. The snow is beautiful,(especially in Pictures) love love love my old Colo mtns, but glad we dont have to shovel anymore...
    stay warm!

  4. Our cars are also out in the driveway but that is because woodworking projects are going on in the garage. Good to have sweet neighbors.

    Now their calling for a possibility of something this coming weekend. Blah. My sister-in-law in NY is jealous because we have gotten more snow than she. I would so gladly send some her way :-).

  5. The pictures of the snow are beautiful,from someone who has lived in florida all her life,
    I know it can be dangerous as well though so stay safe!

  6. Good idea to move your cars outside. Helen

  7. I'm betting those things on your wish list will be purchased before next winter. I love your place though..just spectacular and so peaceful looking. Hugs

  8. Your area sure looks different with snow and without. Not sure I could learn to deal with it. Aren't the cars hard to start after sitting in that much cold? Sorry to be asking so many questions but you know it hasn't snowed here since 1985 and it was never that much.

  9. Oh I giggle up here in Indiana about your snow. But SERIOUSLY, that is A LOT of snow.

    Our son's BF who now lives in VA, texted our son a photo of a large snowfall a few weeks ago. Our son, stinker that he is, texted back a photo of his snowblower, knowing they don't really HAVE those in Virginia.

    You're right - - - swow will LOVE drifting right in front of your garage doors, filling up that whole area. Maybe you need to make a trip far enough north to FIND and BUY a snowblower, a nice BIG snowblower - - - 'twould pay for itself in the plowing fees it would save you.

  10. Oh my goodness that is a lot of snow.
    We are clear here in Colorado (well my part anyway) right now. Don't you have that backwards..arn't you suppose to move to, TO, Florida??? lol

    We may go into Rocky Mountain National Park this coming weekend. I am sure we will see some snow there.

  11. Live and learn!! LOL! LOVE the pics of your gorgeous snow!! :)

  12. Oh Lordy Bee... my oh my from North Florida.

  13. Gorgeous photos! Glad the cars are free:)

  14. You have a beautiful place with a breathtaking view.

    Hope the weather turns warmer and drier for you next week.

  15. WOW look at all that snow!!! I see why you have to get your vehicles out!! We have a little bitty incline on our driveway and any time we get ice it is difficult to get out of. We have never had so much snow we couldn't get out. It was wonderful of your neighbor to come and help you out.

  16. When I read you are native Floridians, I smiled! I am a Florida native, still in the same town where I was born. Just seeing all that snow scares me! So glad to be in Florida. Maybe it's time for a southern vaca!