Monday, January 25, 2010

Is that the sky.....??!! is!!

And it's BLUE....!!

Haven't seen the blue sky in 3 days....

Time to shake off the cabin fever.......the depression.......the glum.......the doom!!

Time to sweep out the dust.....the mud......the dog hair.....the cat hair.......the chip and dip crumbs left over from watching yesterdays games.......

It's self-proclaimed "favorite" day of the week!!

Like the line from the movie "Hope Floats"

"Time to get up and brush the stink off ya!"

Maybe ....i just need a shower....??



  1. We have an unexpected day off due to some flooding issues. So happy as the wind was horrible last night and so got little sleep - but then who wants to waste a day off sleeping!!
    Have a good Monday!

  2. It's always good to see the promise of better things to come in the blue skies after nasty weather. We have a booger of a winter storm predicted from Wed~Fri. A terrible winter mix beginning with rain turnin' to ice then the grand finale of a significant amount of snow. I just hope we keep the power!

    I didn't see where I thanked ya'll for hoppin' on my blog. I do truly appreciate and sure hope you enjoy the ride.

    You have yourself on fantastically blessed day! Great pic hon!!!

  3. Enjoy that sunshine! It is a precious commodity for sure!

  4. Whooo Hooo! We still haevn't seen sun - I'm hoping today or tomorrow

  5. What a pick-me-up the sun can be. So glad you're getting some today!

  6. We cant' see outside our window for the winter blizzard we are having. Glad to hear you've got some blue sky. We haven't seen any now for days. Hugs

  7. We were suffering from cabin fever last week when it rained here in SoCal for 7 days straight.
    We are NOT used to that kind of weather.


  8. LOL...yes..same around here...about the crumbs after the game...and cat hair and doggie hair and anybody elses hair...time to "fish or cut bait"...(what does that mean LOL)..??? anyway...snow forecasted around here...sun is shining right now...46 degrees..but temp is dropping I notice the furnice coming on more often...sighing heavily...we will see...God Bless...hugs...Ora

  9. I thought we were going to wash away this weekend. We had a mud slide this morning on our road.

  10. I think I need to watch Hope Floats again (o:
    Our sky is almost always blue here in Colorado

  11. We always appreciate blue skies more when they follow days of gray skies!

  12. Gorgeous cloud bank - - - even MORE gorgeous if it is departing.

    Three days? In Indiana we forget what the sun LOOKS like in the winter!!!

    Hehehehehehe - - - I do jest, but only just a tad. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I saw it shining here - - - two weeks? Three? They all run together in one stratus gray fog.

  13. No sun here today. Just lots of rain! Have a good week.

  14. Wow! Blue sky! Thanks for the photo. Haven't seen that for awhile. I'm looking forward to a break in the weather and some sunshine and a blue sky wouldn't hurt at all.

  15. We've had mostly gray skies for many days. So take a peek at that blue for me once, would you? :)

  16. I'll bet that shower felt good!lol

    I'm with Nezzy on the weather - same area, same storm.

    Thanks for sharing some of your sunshine! Have a great day.